Inner Geek

Lex and Andy rant about comics, movies, tv shows, and all sorts of geek culture.

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Andy and Carl drink Surge and talk about comics. Plus Dan Dittio DC scalebacks and Marvel drama.


Andy and Carl return to talk about some of the comic, tv, and other news they've missed on the hiatus.


This week Andy, Lex, and Carl talk movies, tv, and comics. Including CWs Elseworlds, Marvel mini-series, Gifted, Batman Damned, Heroes in Crisis, and X-Books ending.


Andy, Lex, and Carl get together this week. They talk Batfleck and Henry "Goofy Lips" Cavill leaving DCEU, also new comics like Immortal Hulk #5 and Fantastic Four #2.


Andy, Lex, Carl, and Pete get together this week to talk stupid internet people and new comic books!