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In this weeks news: Alec Holowka's suicide, Ghostwire losses its lead, Korean's unionize, Nintendo had a big direct, and Reggie goes back to school.


In this weeks news: Apex Legend AMA, Gamestop axes Game Informer, Sony buys Insomniac, Nintendo at Gamescom, and Microsoft listens to you.


In this weeks news: Porn on Ninja's twitch, SNES on Switch, Halo Infinite creative director leaves, and Wal-Mart won't advertise...violent games.


In this weeks news: PS4 sells real well, Gamestop layoffs, Ninja on Mixer, Rockstar dodges taxes, Nintendo removes voice actor, tariffs to effect PS4 price, and an FTC loot box conference.


In this weeks news: Geoff Robinson passes away, UK allows loot boxes, Rockstar releases GTA casino dlc, Nintendo fixes Joy Cons, Gamestop to open game hangouts, sex sells on steam, and cat barf destroys computer.