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In this weeks news: PS5 controller, E3 2021 going to happen, Microsoft goes digital, Stadia goes free, and Riot's card game.


In this weeks news: Randy Pitchford is back, lots of Mario ports, Last of Us delayed, Gamestop closures, the BAFTAs, and Darkest Dungeon PvP.


In this weeks news: upcoming microsoft and sony console stats, RE3 remake demo out, Gamestop tries to stay open during outbreak, and gaming way up during pandemic.


In this weeks news: GDC postponed due to virus, Stadia offered nothing to indies, Riot reveals new game, Fortnite numbers fall, and Alyx gameplay.


In this weeks news: Star Wars Viking, Sonic makes money, new Sony ad patent, Animal Crossing hearts DOOM, Starcraft Ghost gameplay surfaces, and Eli Roth to make Borderlands movie.