This is ChipBit's legal information section. Since our servers and head administrator are based in the United Kingdom, we are bound by the laws of the United Kingdom. However, because this is the internet, we also feel we should respect the laws of other countries our administrators and visitors come from, so for any conflicting points between each law, we attempt to 'make do' with what believe is best and fair. We, to the best of our knowledge, have followed all the necessary laws which allow us to do what we do. However, if there are still matters which need to be discussed in a legal matter, please contact James 'PixelDrift' Mayell, the owner of ChipBit, by emailing

It is the visitor's sole responsibility to read our legal information before using any service that ChipBit provides. This page can also change occasionally, so it is important to keep checking if anything has been altered whether the homepage or other locations states the changes or not. Failure to do so means the visitor will be solely responsible for any legal consequence as outlined by the clauses below.

Page last updated: May 7th 2016

Clause 1: The organisation
1A: 'ChipBit Radio' (ChipBit) was founded on 20th April 2014 as a project of James Mayell, copyright © James 'PixelDrift' Mayell 1997 – Present. 'ChipBit' was incorporated as part of SwiftPixel on 7/5/2016. Therefore, ChipBit and all original designs, images, and in-house content are copyright © SwiftPixel 2016.
1B: 'ChipBit Radio' is a non-profit, non-commercial organisation and as such is hosted purely with no profitable income. ChipBit Radio does not charge visitors nor force to donate money to use the website or any of its services.
1C: The purpose of this website is purely to promote and celebrate musicians creating Chiptune and other electronic forms of music. All music used on the station is done so with prior written consent from the original owner. No harm, copyright infringement or disrespect are intended by any content published or broadcasted on this website.

Clause 2: The ChipBit Radio Website
2A: Any content or material originating from the 'ChipBit Radio' website starting with any variant of the URLs '' is not to be modified or placed anywhere else on the Internet without the expressed permission of James 'PixelDrift' Mayell of 'ChipBit Radio' unless not already intellectual property of the respectful organisations at hand.
2B: 'Hot linking' to any content from the 'ChipBit Radio' website is prohibited, unless it has been pre-approved by James 'PixelDrift' Mayell. We only permit you to link to our web pages on other websites.
2C: The entirety of the 'ChipBit Radio' website uses the "Drupal" Content Mangement System (CMS) which is an open source CMS released under the GNU General Public License.

Clause 3: The ChipBit Radio Stream
3A: The 'ChipBit Radio Stream' refers to the 24 hour online broadcast of Chiptune and other electronic music and original content produced by ChipBit Radio staff, such as live shows and podcasts. All music used on the station is done so with prior written consent from the original owner. 
3B: The ChipBit Radio Stream is currently being powered by CentovaCast.

Clause 4: Privacy and Terms & Conditions
4A: All personal information collected and stored for use on the domain '' is held privately and is not distributed to anyone unless required by demand of the law. Compulsory information that's collected upon registration for a 'ChipBit Radio' account includes a username and email address. Any other optional information given to 'ChipBit Radio' is at the user's own risk, and will not be held responsible for their consequences.
4B: We do not automatically remove/delete accounts after an extensive period of inactivity, therefore if a user wishes for their account to be terminated, they must contact us via email as soon as possible.
4C: We view that having a 'ChipBit Radio' member account is a privilege. If a member is found to be abusing or violating their account in any way whatsoever they will either be warned or banned from using the service.