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Chipbit's longest running show Don't Copy That Floppy have launched a Patreon campaign to help bring you even more quality content!

Don't Copy That Floppy have been broadcasting live every Friday night since early 2014 on ChipBit with over 80 episodes and now, they're upping their game.

Lex and Dan are hoping to use the support from Patreon to provide more quality content and improve their podcasts.

Don't Copy That Floppy is a weekly video game news and opinion podcast that streams live Fridays 7pm (EST) on In each episode we delve into the sauciest stories the video game industry has to offer that week. From topics like upcoming release rumors and developer drama to Swatting and DDOS attacks. Now we have a good time making this content and have always wanted to do more, but our day jobs typically get in the way. If we could get a few bucks for our efforts it would make it a heck of a lot easier. Plus if people want to give us a whole heap of cash-money we could expand on our content greatly, both in quality and quantity. We want to expand our content to Youtube videos and Twitch streaming. Check out our Goals for more deets on that. It could be pretty great.

Supporting DCTF monthly on Patreon could get you the following awesome rewards:

  • $1 - In addition to our eternal gratitude you'll also get a shout-out on the show!
  • $5 - You'll be able to vote on our stories week to week. 
  • $10 - You'll get access to special additional podcast content. Mostly just Lex and Dan talking about movies, tv shows, games they're playing, or Dan's cat.
  • $15 - You'll get to hang out with us in a google hangout once a month.
  • $30 - You'll be able to send us story suggestions and we'll be forced to include them on the show.
  • $50 - We'll make you a personalized voicemail. With an option to make a new one every month...cuz why not?


Check out their Patreon video:


Please consider becoming a patron of Don't Copy That Floppy to support these guys in their awesome podcasting work on ChipBit.

Check out their Patreon page here.