ChipBit is an internet radio station dedicated to Chiptune and other forms of electronic music. We broadcast 24/7 playing the best chiptune music from both big artists and small up and coming producers of electronic music. 

ChipBit is made possible because of the incredible artists who gave us permission to use their music in the 24/7 stream.
Our intention here at ChipBit is to share and promote original Chiptune and other Electronic music, we in no way profit from running this service.

We wish to create a friendly community of Chiptune enthusiasts, through our station, the Chatroom and social media outlets.
If you create music and would like us to feature your content on our station, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact page.

Thanks for visiting ChipBit, we hope you enjoy listening the stream. Please feel free to tweet us @ChipBitRadio or say hi in our chatroom.