Inner Geek

Lex and Andy rant about comics, movies, tv shows, and all sorts of geek culture.

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Andy, Lex, and Carl discuss Sam Jackson spoilers, Guardians 3, Matrix reboots, and Iron Fist early reviews.


Andy, Lex, Carl, and Pete talk about about Iron Fist controversy, Cap cover drama, a convention with no cosplay, and how much Andy loves Riverdale.


Andy, Nick, and Carl talk about Tom Taylor, Steve Irwin, Inhumans casting, upcoming comics, and DON'T mention Vulture!


Lex gives a review of the Legion tv show and talks about Valiant High #1, Harbinger Renegades #5, and Infamous Iron Man #5.


Andy, Lex, and Carl talk about Harbinger Renegades, Woody Harrelson in Han Solo, Gerard Jones arrest, and Monsters Unleashed issue 1.