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This week Andy and Lex talk Doomsday Clock, Iron Man #594, Jean Grey #9, the Batman Annual, and more. Then discuss hulu's Runaways, Netflix Punisher, and The Avengers Infinity War trailer.


Andy, Lex, Carl, Nick, and Vickie all get together this week to talk about comics. They discuss the Justice League movie, Marvel's new Editor-In-Chief, and Doomsday Clock.


This week Andy, Carl, Nick, and Vickie talk about DC adopting a Marvel's production method and the latest Deadpool teaser.


This week Andy, Carl, and Pete discuss Brian Michael Bendis' new exclusive contract with DC as well as a bunch of newly released comics.


Andy, Lex, and Carl talk about DC Trifold Covers, a weekly Avengers book, and a lot of new comics.