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Lex and Andy rant about comics, movies, tv shows, and all sorts of geek culture.

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Andy, Lex, Pete, and Carl get together this week. This discuss petitions to bring back Inhumans and make Joker gay. Also Dan Slott leaves Spider-Man, Diamond considering direct orders, and Conan returns to Marvel.


Andy, Lex, and Carl talk Marvel canceling She-Hulk for no reason, Jodie Foster hates super hero flicks, Stan Lee is a sex offender, and Black Panther sells lots of tickets.


Andy and Lex talk about Marvel axing several series, Jim Starlin quits, new comics including Hellboy vs Krampus, and The Last Jedi


This week Andy, Lex, Carl, and Pete sit down to talk comics. They discuss books from this week, Disney buying Fox, Dark Phoenix stills, and Andy is forced to read a MAD Magazine ripoff Marvel did in the 1970s.


This week Andy and Lex talk Doomsday Clock, Iron Man #594, Jean Grey #9, the Batman Annual, and more. Then discuss hulu's Runaways, Netflix Punisher, and The Avengers Infinity War trailer.