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Lex and Andy rant about comics, movies, tv shows, and all sorts of geek culture.

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Andy, Carl, and Pete get together this week. They talk about Infinity War (spoiler free), other comic book movies, and recent comic releases.


Andy and Carl go into mega spoilers for Marvel's new Infinity War movie!


Andy, Lex, and Carl talk about our giant comic backlog. Including Shadowman #1, Action Comics #1000, Spider-Man #798, and more!


This week Andy, Lex, and Carl sit down to talk about recent comic releases. They talk Avengers, Defenders, Oblivion Song, Doctor Strange, Raputin, Spider-Man, Punisher, and all sorts of X-books including the New Mutants #1.


Andy, Lex, and Carl get together this week. They discuss new books like Wonder Woman/Conan, X-Men Gold, and Doctor Strange Damnation. There's a little non-spoiler Black Panther talk and it turns out there's another Marvel relaunch coming.