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Lex and Andy rant about comics, movies, tv shows, and all sorts of geek culture.

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Andy and Carl go into mega spoilers for Marvel's new Infinity War movie!


Andy, Lex, and Carl talk about our giant comic backlog. Including Shadowman #1, Action Comics #1000, Spider-Man #798, and more!


This week Andy, Lex, and Carl sit down to talk about recent comic releases. They talk Avengers, Defenders, Oblivion Song, Doctor Strange, Raputin, Spider-Man, Punisher, and all sorts of X-books including the New Mutants #1.


Andy, Lex, and Carl get together this week. They discuss new books like Wonder Woman/Conan, X-Men Gold, and Doctor Strange Damnation. There's a little non-spoiler Black Panther talk and it turns out there's another Marvel relaunch coming.


Andy and Lex go over their backlog of comics. Including a pile of X-books like Jean Grey 11, Phoenix Resurrection 5, and X-Men Red 1. Also tons of other books from Marvel. Valiant, DC, and Image.