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In this weeks news: Epic's Fortnite crunch, Respawn's Apex downturn, Square at E3, Persona 5 S, Wall St vs Nintendo, and James Ohlen leading new company.


In this weeks news: Jedi Fallen Order, Playstation 5 stats, diskless XBONE, Nintendo making moves, and Ninja in Times top 100.


In this weeks news: Bioware inside scoop, Pinkertons lose, Borderlands 3 w/Randy, PSN id, Nintendo leaks, and the newest From Software meme.


In this weeks news: Anthem sells okay, Division 2 sells poorly, God of War wins awards, Sony doing a direct, Google announces Stadia, and a Nindie Direct.


In this weeks news: No Man's Sky multiplay, $1 million to Ninja, Niantic making Harry Potter, cocaine blacklists Japanese voice actor, Jade Raymond goes to Google, and Dwarf Fortress upgrade.