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In this weeks news: changes at Bioware, Kickstarter fails, and Duke Nukem in the library of congress. Then Lex reviews Knights of Pen and Paper. Plus Dan reviews Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King.


In this weeks news: Gamestop is taking your fingerprints, Playstation Now, and the retro shooter resurgence.


In this weeks news: Cliffy B announces game, Battleborn Info, Gamestop is horrible, plus lots of DLC related news. Then Lex previews Broforce!


In this weeks episode: Cliffy B has a new company, Nintendo shareholder is a doofus, and a new study of violence in gaming. Then Dan reviews Shovel Knight!


In this weeks news: Oculus is going to have a sweet controller, Nintendo sued, Capcom drama, and Esports is a big deal! Then Dan reviews Valiant Hearts.