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In this weeks news: we discuss the Blizzard/Hong Kong controversy in depth, PS5 details, Doom Eternal delayed, and Pitchford wins his case.


In this weeks news: Gearbox wouldn't go union on Borderlands 3, Publishers dodge UK taxes, Goose game sells, lots of Sony stories, and Sonic goes to space!


In this weeks news: NPD numbers, UK want to legislate loot boxes, EA cloud gaming, Borderlands 3 weird review system, Apple Arcade, and you can date Colonel Sanders.


In this weeks news: Alec Holowka's suicide, Ghostwire losses its lead, Korean's unionize, Nintendo had a big direct, and Reggie goes back to school.


In this weeks news: Apex Legend AMA, Gamestop axes Game Informer, Sony buys Insomniac, Nintendo at Gamescom, and Microsoft listens to you.