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In this weeks news: Disney is happy with EA, Open Critic includes loot boxes, Xbox Live on Switch, Battlefield 5 doesn't sell but Apex Legend makes up for it.


In this weeks news: Fallout 76 still broken, EA backs down, Switch and PS4 holiday sales, PS5 coming, Metro on Epic, RE2 rules, and things get worse for Gamestop.


In this weeks news: charity stream goes well, NPD numbers, dev copyrights themselves, Mad Box controller, farming ESports, and Metroid development restarts.


In this weeks news: more Switch ports, GameStop gets bought, Bungie splits from Activision, Pinkertons sue, more Soulja Boy, and Randy Pitchford sucks.


In this weeks news: Soulja Boy consoles, China unbans, Blizzard loses CFO, Smash sales, Bethesda settles lawsuit, and The Mad Box.